Contracts Management

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Our hands-on expert support can help you easily manage your contracts through their entire lifecycle — from drafting to signing.

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Management you can rely on

Get peace of mind knowing you have a team of experts managing your contracts with accuracy and efficiency, no matter how complex.

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Automated Contract Process

We help you make the most of your contracting process, providing the playbooks, people, and technology to speed and simplify contracting for your business.

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Total Template Support

Our team will synthesize your forms, supplying you with cohesive templates that address risks.

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Drafts and Redlines Support

Our team of attorneys will work with your team to understand terms, provide contract drafts and redline contracts from third-parties.

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Full Management

Our team will extract and summarize key contract provisions, house and organize your contracts, answer on-demand questions about your contract terms, and alert you to upcoming expirations.

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—Senior Associate, Arnold & Porter

“I think Purpose has done everything we have asked of them. They came in at the lowest price point, but I don’t think we have suffered in terms of service as a result. They have done well.”

Manage your contracts with Purpose.

Our experienced and hands-on services can help you create a more streamlined contract workflow to improve your practices.

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