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Solutions at the Speed of Law

Driving innovation, quality, and efficiency, Purpose’s award-winning technology and services equip clients with the tools to improve their practice continually. From eDiscovery and managed review to M&A due diligence and making your contracts process simple, we provide value-based results at the lowest cost possible.

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We help you create repeatable, defensible EDRM discovery workflow from Information Governance through final disposition. In addition, we supply you with the industry-leading technology needed and even the people to run it.

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Collections & Forensics

We make sure your company has on-demand access to the experts you need to run your business effectively at the best point value.

We can help you send your notices to unlimited custodians, track compliance, issue reminders, and even Preserve in Place for Microsoft Office365 all with just a few button clicks.

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Contracts Management

We manage your contracts through their entire lifecycle – from drafting to signing.

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Internal Investigations

Our project management team and review attorneys have the deep experience needed to make sure you find what you need and produce what’s required to all parties completely and on time.

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Data Privacy

We help you manage request volumes, meet quick turnaround deadlines, and do it all within your budget.

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Managed Services

Get on-demand access to the experts and technology you need to run your business effectively at the best value point.


Managed Review

We’ll help you quickly map, locate, and identify the right information you need to respond confidently, accurately, and thoroughly.

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Case Study

Fortune 50 Tech Company

Learn how a Fortune 50 Tech Company reduced its legal cost by 75%

Move with Purpose.

Our legal technology solutions can improve your practice and processes continually.

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