Prepping for Review: 3 Easy Steps to a Seamless Managed Review Process

By: Chris Baker, Director of Managed Review

An efficient and speedy managed review requires not only a well-detailed approach but a strategy flexible enough to accommodate the unique needs of every client and project. Because our expert review team has seen it all, we outlined three foundational tips that should guide your preparation for a seamless managed review process. These tips, especially when implemented prior to a project, will ensure that your review stays on track and provides the results you need.

1. Detailed yet Malleable Processes and Best Practices

Having documented processes and best practices that are both detailed and adaptable is key. This turnkey system ensures that your project can quickly adjust to varying client and project needs without compromising the integrity of the review.


  • Customization: Create best practices that allow for easy customization to suit different project requirements.
  • Consultation: Work with someone who offers tailored workflows and technology-prescriptive approaches.

2. A Collaborative and Experienced Team

Having a diverse and experienced team is your best asset. Collaboration across departments to strategize the most optimal workflow is vital, especially for projects that are complex and nuanced.


  • Cross-functional collaboration: Encourage different departments to work together, fostering a holistic approach to problem-solving.
  • Training: Explore training opportunities to ensure your team is well-prepared to handle complex review projects.

3. Maintain a Comprehensive Project Metrics Database

The value of historical data cannot be understated. Maintaining a database of project metrics from previous matters empowers the managed review team to preempt potential pitfalls and advise clients more effectively, paving the way for improved efficiency and cost reduction.


  • Data-driven insights: Utilize historical data to derive insights and improve upon existing strategies.
  • Client advisory: Leverage data to offer your clients valuable advice on avoiding potential challenges and enhancing efficiency.


A seamless review process is achievable with the right preparation. Detailed yet adaptable processes, a collaborative and experienced team, and a comprehensive database of project metrics are your roadmap to success.

Keeping these tips at the forefront, partnered with Purpose Legal’s potential offerings, you’re well on your way to a successful managed review project.

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