Blog Summary: Embracing Challenges and Strategies in Legal Vendor Collaborations

We recently joined a webinar hosted by the EDRM for an insightful session featuring experts Doug Kaminski and Amy Sellars focused on the intricacies of vendor collaboration, legal partnerships, and effective strategies for how to optimize relationships within the legal ecosystem.

Insights and Expertise from Industry Veterans

Doug Kaminski, Chief Strategy Officer at Purpose Legal, brought his extensive experience across three decades in both the software and services sides of the legal industry, highlighting the evolution of legal workflows and technology integration. Amy Sellars, the Vice President of Global Legal Operations at CBRE, shared her 30+ year journey from performing arts to leading legal operations with organizations including Walmart, Cardinal Health, CBRE, and The Bolshoi Ballet, emphasizing the importance of adaptability and innovative thinking in legal practices.

Insightful Discussions on Current Trends

The dialogue included discussions on how post-pandemic shifts have altered legal operations, how we measure value, the integration of technology in legal processes, and the evolving nature of legal work, especially in light of remote work trends and digital transformation.  For many, “doing more” has been replaced by “doing the right things right”.

Strategies for Effective Partnerships

Key strategies were shared on building and maintaining strong relationships with vendors, including clear communication, setting mutual expectations, and ensuring alignment with organizational goals.  More than merely buying services, the focus is on where the resources can be optimized to extend the bandwidth and capabilities of the legal team.

The Human Element in Legal Services

A significant focus was on the human aspect of legal services, advocating for a culture of respect, understanding, and empathy in professional relationships, ensuring that partnerships are valued beyond mere transactions.  As Amy said, “Let’s start building trust in a relationship in a way that we can kind of demonstrate for each other what is it we’re good at together.”

Future-Oriented Legal Practices

The webinar also touched on upcoming trends and workshops, particularly around AI and eDiscovery, urging legal professionals to stay informed and adapt to rapidly evolving legal technologies. 

Emphasizing Mutual Growth and Learning

Both speakers highlighted the importance of continuous learning, adaptability, and the willingness to embrace new opportunities for innovation in legal practices, stressing that effective partnerships can lead to mutual growth and enhanced service delivery.  “We keep the relationships in which we find value, but value and perspectives evolve as market conditions changes and needs change,” said Doug. 

To find out more about how you can improve your legal partnerships, listen to the webinar here.