Bird's Eye View on Gen AI – Exciting Announcements!

By: Jeff Johnson, Chief Innovative Officer

We have two exciting announcements for you today.

First, we are happy to announce here that my colleague Dov Gold-Medina (Senior Review Manager) and I, along with our friends at EDRM, have an opportunity for you to pull up a virtual chair as we discuss the current and future states of AI in eDiscovery review. It is our upcoming webinar, “Revolutionizing Document Review with Generative AI: Present and Future”, on June 27 at 12 pm central. Register here.

Why should you join us?

Dov and I know that most of our expected audience are neck deep in work and aiding their teams in the march toward (hopefully) successful outcomes. You can’t miss the flood of AI news and marketing but you don’t have time to read it all, let alone make sense of it all and determine how you may use it to improve the likelihood of those successes. Further, should you be using it now? Are you already behind? The FOMO is real.

If you are interested in practical answers to that or any/all of the following questions, you don’t want to miss this discussion:

  • Is there really a GenAI-enabled Revolution in eDiscovery review?
  • What kinds of GenAI tools are available in eDiscovery today?
  • Can you give me a high-level understanding of how they work?
  • What factors should determine:
    • Which tools to use?
    • When to use them?
    • How to implement them responsibly?
  • How do we supervise our new “AI Assistants?”

Dov and I intend to share practical responses to these questions to help as you chart your course into these waters. Please join us!

Second, moving forward we’ll be re-branding these contributions to Purpose’s “Checking the Pulse” blog series from “Bird’s Eye View on Gen AI” to “AI: The eDiscovery rEvolution.”

Why should you care?

At Purpose, we constantly monitor industry developments that drive change to the solutions (both process and technology) we provide our clients. There is no doubt AI is going to play a significant role in that evolution, across the EDRM. We will dedicate this sub-series of our blog to the provision of practical insight covering developments in AI-related technology, case law, and industry news. You can expect guest appearances from members of the Purpose team as well as input from our trusted partners and experts.

What’s the bottom line?

At Purpose, we create and execute innovative yet practical solutions for our clients. We want the AI-related webinars, blog posts, and other content we provide to demonstrate that practically innovative approach to eDiscovery and look forward to you joining us in this exciting rEvolution.