6 Ways Customization and Flexibility Build Success in eDiscovery Projects

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Because of the vast and rapid expansion of data in the last several years, the truth is that every organization needs eDiscovery and data management, whether they know it or not. That said, what works for one company may not necessarily suit another, and unfortunately, a lot of routine eDiscovery projects are handled with a pre-built checklist that doesn’t take account your personal and unique business needs and goals.

This is where the real power of customization, bespoke solutions, and flexibility comes into play. Here, we’ll explore 6 ways these principles can make all the difference in ensuring the confidence and success of discovery projects.

1. Tailored Solutions for Specific Needs

Every case is different, and a one-size-fits-all approach can lead to inefficiencies or even miss critical details. More importantly, you often lose the dedicated, white-glove service, consultation, and end up feeling like a cog in a wheel. Bespoke solutions allow you to align the technology and strategy with the specific requirements of your case. In an ideal situation, you’d work with highly experienced experts that would help you to design solutions that precisely meet your needs and prescribe the technologies that help you reach your goals, not just whatever is most readily available.

  • Example: You had a complicated patent infringement case, and a generic solution missed critical evidence. By switching to a tailored approach, you and your team created specific search algorithms, unearthing crucial information that led to a successful defense. Bespoke solutions enable precise alignment with case requirements, ensuring that the most appropriate technologies and strategies are utilized.

2. Adaptability to Changing Circumstances

Legal landscapes and case dynamics can change in the blink of an eye. Flexibility in your eDiscovery project means you can adapt to these changes without missing a beat. Whether it’s new information, shifting regulations, or unexpected twists, a customizable approach ensures that you can navigate these challenges smoothly. Frequent and transparent reporting is key here. You want to make sure you are getting real time, interpreted data that comes with a full forecast of what your data will look like downstream and recommendations for pivoting where necessary to stay on track and make your data as advantageous as possible.

  • Example: During a merger’s due diligence process, new regulatory requirements are introduced. Because you had an adaptable approach from the onset, you allowed for immediate adjustments, satisfying the new regulations without delay, and keeping the deal on track. Flexibility in eDiscovery enables smooth navigation through unexpected changes and fosters real-time, interpreted data forecasting.

3. Integrated Team of Professionals

The collaboration of project managers, attorneys, and technologists ensures that every aspect of the project is handled with the utmost expertise. By working with a diverse team of reputable and well-versed experts, you can feel confident that the legal, technological, and managerial facets of your project are addressed in harmony. This not only boosts efficiency but enhances the quality of the overall outcome and provides a built-in insurance policy should any issue arise.

  • Example: A cross-border litigation requires understanding of multiple jurisdictions. By integrating legal, technological, and managerial expertise, the case was managed efficiently, even with complex international laws. Collaboration among experts enhances efficiency and provides built-in insurance against unforeseen challenges. Because the team has a variety of experience and stays in constant communication, nothing fell through the cracks and no unforeseen issues could derail the project.

4. Technology Options for Greater Efficiency

Having access to a wide range of technology options means that you can pick the tools that are the best fit for your specific project. These might include data analytics, predictive coding, or specialized software tailored to your industry. The result? A more streamlined process that promotes peace of mind and saves time, resources, and money.

  • Example: When building a managed services environment, you wanted to implement a less commonly used technology because you were comfortable with it and your team was already completely trained in it. It would be easier for a vendor to insist on using one of their partner technologies, but you feel strongly about using their preferred platform, and know it provides all the functionality they need to get the job done right. A flexible provider made this happen, whatever it took. You are confident in your environment, training and set up was a breeze, and you know your provider had your best interests in mind.

5. Enhanced Confidence and Client Satisfaction

Customization and flexibility inherently foster a deeper understanding of your needs and expectations. When you know that your unique requirements are being addressed in a tailored fashion, it builds trust and confidence. You know that their project is in the hands of professionals who are not just following a routine but actively shaping a strategy to win. eDiscovery is never the main focus of your organization, so it’s invaluable to know and trust that your partner cares about the process as much, in not more, than you do, and that they are providing options that make your job easier and your organization thrive.

  • Example: By delivering tailored solutions in a complex trade secrets case, you were engaged, informed, and confident. Having a partner that understood your unique needs led to a winning strategy.

6. Risk Mitigation Through Expertise

Customized solutions come with the added benefit of risk mitigation. By involving highly-experienced professionals in the design and execution of your eDiscovery project, the risks of overlooking details or misinterpreting information are significantly reduced. The result is a more robust, legally sound process. Again, we see that trust, confidence, and peace of mind are common themes here.

  • Example: In a regulatory compliance case, you implemented a customized approach and identified subtle legal nuances, reducing the risks of overlooking key details, which ultimately prevented significant penalties.

In Summary

Customization, bespoke solutions, and flexibility are not just buzzwords. They are essential principles that can truly shape the success of an eDiscovery project. By embracing these concepts, you align your strategy with the unique needs and challenges of your case, allowing for a more effective, efficient, and confident approach.

At Purpose Legal, we believe in the power of personalized service. It’s not about selling a product, but about providing the right tools and expertise to help you win. If you’d like to learn more or discuss how we can assist you with your next eDiscovery project, feel free to reach out. We’re here to help, not sell!